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CPS-2000 Type

- Size : 2,400 × 1,500 × 2,300(H)

- Electric Consumption : Approximately 20KW/H
- Tank Capacity : Approximately 800L


▶ Floating-type friction pyramid BOX cleaner

Pyramid BOX cleaner uses triangular pyramid shape friction material that has buoyant property in cleaning which is an invention patent system that can clean not only P/BOX surface but also edge and boundary area. We are currently having transaction with more than 100 1st car BAND companies and it is specialized main ITEM that is transacted with other food and logistics companies.

▶ High pressure SPRAY BOX Cleaner

SPRAY BOX cleaner inputs dust, foreign substance infection BOX which is a system that automatically cleans through cleaning, rinse and drying section that can be operated by 1 OPERATOR.
This TYPE is usually preferred by large food distribution companies which can be made according to environment and condition of clients such as simple type or automatic type.


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